Item Description

Type In Line 4-Cylinder 4-Stroke
Air Intake Type Natural
Cooling Mode Water Cooling
Governor Mode Mechanical or Electronic
Bore x Stroke (mm) 85×100
Compression Ratio 17:1
Rated Speed (rpm) 1500
Displacement (L) 2.27
Prime Power (without fan)(kW) 17
Standby Power (without fan)(kW) 19
Fuel Consumption (L/h) 4.85
Oil Consumption (L/h) 0.05
Steady State Speed Regulation(%) 5
Oil Capacity Including Filter (L) 7.8
Emission Stage ||
The Flywheel Shell Interface SAE4 Flywheel for 7.5″ & 10″ Flexible Coupling
Dry Weight of Base (kg) 220
Dry Weight of Gen Pac (kg) 240
Overall Dimension (base) (mm) 750x555x680
Overall Dimension (G.P) (mm) 920x610x760
Fan Consumption (kW) 1.2
27°C Air Consumption(m³/min) 1.4
Heat Rejection of Exhaust (kW) 17.2
Exhaust Gas Temperature After Turbine (°C) 550
Exhaust Gas Flow(m³/min) 4.2
Heat Rejection Flow from Engine (kW) 1.1
Heat Rejection of Coolant (kW) 11
Base Configuration Standard Configuration (add on the base)
Engine with Fan Intake and Exhaust System: Air Filter and Connecting Pipes
Alternator 500W 14V Connecting Flang of Exhasut Pipe
Starter Motor 3.5kW 12V Cooling System: Radiator with Connecting Pipes;
Fan Guard; Belt Guard